5 Cell Phone Plans That Will Help You Save Money In 2018

The Best Cell Phone Plans in 2018


When you’re looking to help find a new cell phone, you should always look to find the best cell phone plans first. High quality handsets are a dime-a-dozen; but high quality cell phone plans? Less so. As such, it’s hugely important that you take the time to look closer at what kind of plans are on the market at this moment in time.

While subject to change on a regular basis, here are some of the best cell phone plans for you to consider at the time of writing, depending on your requirements.

Best Cell Phone Plans: What’s Right For You?

best coverage across the whole USA – not just Dallas. With $75 for one line being the starting price, though, it’s a rather costly place to be. With up to 15GB of mobile hotspot usage provided per month depending on the deal that you take, Verizon is a popular choice for the bargain hunter out there.


Sprint. A fine alternative choice from the ‘big two’ would be to look into Sprint. Sprint is very popular, and at just $60 per person it’s pretty damn cheap, as well. However, with music and gaming streaming capped at 1.5mbps/8mbps, don’t expect superb speeds. Unlimited calling, texting and data used in the USA, Canada and Mexico is a pretty fair trade-off, though. 2GB data speed is included, too, when travelling to just over 180 nations. 10GB LTE mobile data is provided, too, so there’s a lot of positives to the Sprint offer.


Boost Mobile. While perhaps not for everyone, the Boost Mobile set-up is pretty decent if you aren’t using much data on-the-go. The best cell phone plans can be tailored to you, and this gives you a strong signal-system that can easily be upgraded and adjusted per your needs. You can add up to 4GB of LTE data on to your plan for just $5 per GB. Pretty affordable with a minor $15 starting price for unlimited calls and texts, Boost Mobile is great for those on a budget or those who prefer simplicity.

With so many on the market today, you can find it easy to make a smart choice. If you would like to move to a new cell phone plan, you need to get your old cell phone unlocked if you want to keep the same old handset. At BUSINESS, we can help you to do that right away, so let us know what plan you wish to move to and we can begin the process ASAP.


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